Queen's Jubilee

The following Prayer, written at The Queen's direction by the Chapter of St Paul's  Cathedral for Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee, will be used in the Jubilee Thanksgiving Service in St Paul's Cathedral on Tuesday 5 June

God of time and eternity,whose Son reigns as servant, not master;

we give you thanks and praise that you have blessed this Nation, the Realms and Territories with Elizabeth our beloved and glorious Queen. 

In this year of Jubilee, grant her your gifts of love and joy and peace as she continues in faithful obedience to you, her Lord and God and in devoted service to her lands and peoples, and those of the Commonwealth, now and all the days of her life;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

 Where were you when the Queen was crowned? Were you even here?

I remember a wonderful children's party.  I had no idea what it was all about but I do know we had jelly and sweets and cake and so much unimaginably wonderful food; we played games and danced and had tremendous fun.  I was three and I waited the following year for the same thing to happen again - and of course it didn't.  I guess I had just discovered Christmas and birthdays came every year and thought the wonderful party would be another annual event.

I was quite a lot older before I knew that party had been a celebration of the Queen's coronation!

Now we celebrate sixty years of Queen Elizabeth's reign.  A long time to be in the public eye.  During her reign such changes have occurred... the culture and the status and the wealth of our country, the moral climate, our place in the wider world - the wider world itself - all have changed.  Some things are much much clearer and more positive than sixty years ago and some things seem to have slipped away.  The way you understand all this depends very much upon your perspective and your age.

Whatever your view, whatever you feel about the Monarch's role as head of state and as head of the Church of England the Queen does deserve our admiration and our thanks.  In a whirlwind of change she has been a point of stability, outside the political sphere but a public figure with the welfare of the whole nation in her heart.  The demands upon her professionally and personally have been immense and unrelenting.

I hope this jubilee weekend is an opportunity for a number of things:

  1. First of all an opportunity for the whole nation to give thanks for the life and service of Queen Elizabeth, and to do that locally in ways which come from ground level, ordinary folk getting together to say "thank you"
  2. Secondly, the weekend offers a time for rest, for fun, for relaxation; a moment to step aside from what can be a wearing routine.
  3. And thirdly, I hope the children of our benefice will have a great deal of enjoyment and some very happy memories to treasure...even if they are too young to really understand what it is all about.

This is a national celebration, something which we can all share in many different ways and which may  if we choose, draw all of us closer together in community.

God save the Queen!


St Peter's, Raunds

Little Sunbeams kick started the celebrations on the 29th May with their Diamond Jubilee Celebration party provided by mum's and carer's.  Each child was presented with a Celebration Bible by the Church Wardens, Maureen and Eddy.  The children were also given a flag.


St Mary's, Ringstead

St Mary's, Ringstead held a joint service with the Shared Church along with the Parish Council, school, cubs and WI to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee.  The oldest member of the congregation is Eileen Evens who was in Ringstead at the time of the Queen's Coronation and Eileen cut the celebration crown cake, a great time was had by all.  The Woodford Tea Rooms also made a donation towards the Facilities Fund so many thanks to them!




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