Letter from the Rector




Dear Friends,

When I was tidying my study the other day (yes it does happen periodically) I came across a few spare palm crosses, I like to have a few of these in stock, to give out to people from time to time as a gift.

They are somehow very supportive for people who are going through difficult times, it brings comfort; it gives strength.

Isn’t it extraordinary that we can find a cross somehow very comforting to hold and look at?  For after all, the stark reality is that it is essentially an instrument of torture AND YET…. comforting!

The story of Christ’s death on the cross is one that should rightly make us feel very uncomfortable. ‘God made man’ treated by man in this way, destroyed by man in this way. This is the story that we hear afresh every year when we come up to Holy Week, the week leading up to Easter. And then the words of Jesus from the cross are recalled as he says to the Father, “forgive them, they know not what they do”. His life is freely given up to give us life.

And now, there it is, held in our hands; a palm cross. Not an image of torture and death anymore but an image of the love of God, the ‘agape’ love of God for us, his people. Agape love is the kind of love that is given where only the wellbeing of the other person is of any significance, it is utterly self-giving, and it is therefore transformational.

These palm crosses are from Holy Land, where God came to dwell among us. This is a troubled place today and so remains a symbol of the brokenness of humankind and yet there at its heart are many places we read about in our bibles, places where Jesus lived out is human existence, where people come to understand more about the life of Christ Jesus and to find peace. As we pray for God’s creation that groans, where people’s lives are turned upside down by trials and tribulations. There at the centre is the cross, a symbol of love and hope.

May that symbol of love impact on your life such that you might know that at the centre of all things you are loved.

Let us pray

The cross is the hope of Christians the cross is the resurrection of the dead the cross is the way of the lost the cross is the saviour of the lost the cross is the staff of the lame the cross is the guide of the blind the cross is the strength of the weak the cross is the doctor of the sick the cross is the aim of the priests the cross is the hope of the hopeless the cross is the freedom of the slaves the cross is the power of the kings the cross is the water of the seeds the cross is the consolation of the bondsmen the cross is the source of those who seek water the cross is the cloth of the naked. We thank you, Father, for the cross. Amen.

Love and Blessings Rev Jon

May/June 2021










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