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Dear Friends,

One of my favourite Bible stories is The Walk to Emmaus (Luke 24: 13ff).  In this passage two of Jesus' disciples are walking to Emmaus from Jerusalem.  Suddenly they are joined by Jesus, but thinking he is dead, they do not recognise him.  They talk about the events of the past few days in Jerusalem: of Jesus' death on the cross and of his alleged rising to life again.  The stranger listens and walks with them, helping them to understand the prophesies concerning Jesus' death.  As evening falls, they share a meal, and as the stranger blesses and breaks the bread, so the disciples recognise him to be the risen Christ, and immediately - filled with the joy of the resurrection - they go into the world to proclaim this Good News.

Lent, in many ways, could be regarded as our journey to Emmaus; a time of walking with Jesus, seeking to know him more fully and living in his love more deeply.  During Lent we are encouraged to ask questions about our faith, just like those first disciples obviously did as they walked.  We are encouraged to spend time listening to Jesus - in prayer and through reading the Scriptures, discerning his call for each of us, and being both comforted and challenged by the transforming message he brings.

And after the journey, after Lent, comes the clearest revelations of Jesus.  He breaks the bread at his friends' table and is instantly recognised by them as their risen Lord.  Every time we gather to celebrate the Eucharist we too bless and break the bread, and the risen and glorious Christ comes among us in that bread and wine to feed us for our journey of faith in him.  But more than that, we commemorate and celebrate the Easter Mystery: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again.  The Eucharist - the meal of God's Kingdom - is a celebration of Christ's victory over sin and death.  In thanksgiving we rejoice that Jesus broke the chains of death and opened the gates of heaven.

This is our Easter joy.  I pray that this joy may be yours this Easter as we celebrate afresh the Resurrection of Christ.

Every blessing
Rev. Jon Aldwinckle
March/April 2019











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