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Dear Friends

​All around my garden there are little seedlings popping up from last autumn's harvest of hazel nuts, acorns, ash keys, beech nuts and conkers etc.  which have been moved around by the winds or by unknown creatures throughout the winter.  We all know that 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow' so sadly they cannot be allowed to stay, but they did get me thinking about how the littlest things can potentially have the greatest impact.

Sometimes we harbour a small grievance which grows over time into a hurt so big that it affects where we go or who we talk to.  Equally, a small act of kindness can affect someone's day or even prove to be the beginning of a journey to recovery or acceptance.  A smile, a kind word, the invitation to share a cup of tea/glass of wine could be just what is needed by someone who is depressed, lonely, bereaved or just new to the neighbourhood.

At St Mary's we are part of a scheme (KIVA loans) which provides micro start-up loans for people in the developing world enabling them to begin a business, which in turn often allows them and their families to become independent and live their lives with dignity.  Once the loan has been given we have no control over the outcome, we must trust God.  The majority are successful; the money is repaid and so can be loaned out again.

With each of these things the outcome is beyond our control, but the Bible tells us (Romans 8:28) '...God works all things together for good to those who love him...'.  So I challenge you to take a risk - perform some random act of kindness and run the risk of changing someone's life for the good.


Sue Harris
Diocesan Reader
June/July 2017





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