Letter from the Rector




Dear Friends


Another year is racing to a close and there will soon be reviews of the year on every TV channel and in every magazine and newspaper.  Are you someone who looks back or do you look?  I imagine that depends on what the year has held for you, whether it was a 'good' year or not.  Sometimes we can become so bogged down in what has happened, especially if we have sad or bitter memories that we forget to look ahead to the fresh opportunities that each day brings as well as viewing the approaching New Year as a time for reflection and change.

Christmas can provide a time for such reflection if we revisit the account of the first Christmas.  Amid all the hype and wrapping paper is the very real story of a teenage mother giving birth to a baby boy far from home, in a place where animals slept.  God had been born into his own creation.  The child was visited by some of Israel's poorest workers, and then by wealthy foreign stargazers.  Along with his family he was chased out by the powers of a king who wanted him dead, and became a refugee.  Yet in spite of all of this Jesus brought hope to the people of his time and has continued to do so for many millions since.  His teachings focus on honouring God and treating one another with love and respect.

By thinking a little more deeply about the realities of those events we can see that out of difficult and challenging situations great good can grow.  Hope for the future can be renewed.  Each day is a  new start; we don't even have to wait for the New Year.  That way, if we like how things have changed we can continue, but if we don't then we can change again until we see the right path for us.  I pray that God will go with you into each new day, whether you are aware of his presence or not.

I wish you all the joy of Christmas and a positive New Year.


Sue Harris
Lay Minister at St Mary's
December 2017/January 2018











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